What is the composition of electronic cigarette e-liquids?

Unlike the classic cigarette, we know the composition of electronic cigarette e-liquids. The e-cigarette is powered by e-liquids composed of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or vegetal, food flavourings, possibly nicotine and sometimes sucralose, ethyl alcohol and demineralized water.

What is propylene glycol (PG)?

Propylene glycol has the chemical composition CH3–CHOH–CH2OH. It offers many industrial or agro pharmaceutical uses, at low doses as a food additive and recently in electronic cigarettes. Propylene glycol is obtained from the reaction of propylene oxide with water to form mono propylene glycol.

PG is present in everyday products. It is found in pharmaceutical products, sauces and even in prepared meals. It is also present naturally in mushrooms (Who would have believed it?).

Moreover, the more an e-liquid will have PG, the more the flavours will be present and will stand out well and the more the hit (felt in the throat) will be pronounced…

What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable glycerin is a chemical compound with the formula HOH₂C–CHOH–CH₂OH obtained by saponification (a chemical reaction between a fatty substance and a base) of vegetable oils. It is a colourless, viscous and odourless liquid used in many compositions: e-liquids of course, but also in pharmaceutical products, cosmetics…

Also, the more a liquid will have VG, the thicker the vapour will be and therefore more important and dense…

What is Vegetal?

Vegetal is an ingredient of 100% vegetable origin, 100% natural! It replaces propylene glycol (PG) in electronic cigarette e-liquids. 

What is the difference between Vegetol and propylene glycol?

The hit is more pronounced with Végétol. The hit is the feeling in the throat during an inhalation. The vape is, therefore, more intense but less irritating, less allergenic and dries out the throat less. According to the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), Vegetol offers better thermal stability. It is better to support the delivery of nicotine by vaporization. It is therefore said that there is a better bioavailability of nicotine.