Hot smoke, bad taste, e-liquid that rises in the mouth: there are many disappointments when vaping. Many beginners even quit because of this and go back to smoking. This is a very bad idea.

In this article, we are going to save you precious time by showing you the most common errors as well as the solutions available to you to deal with these inconveniences.

1 – Always seek to buy cheaper

With the new European tobacco products directive, manufacturers must provide the recipe for their e-liquid. You are therefore guaranteed to have good quality products. On the other hand, if you buy your e-liquid outside the EU, you are no longer covered by this rule.

For hardware, it’s the same thing. Between the batteries that catch fire and the clearomisers that explode, you take great risks to buy equipment at low prices. Buy gear from major brands. After all, what’s the use of vaping if you take more risks than tobacco?

2 – Not maintaining your equipment

The more you vape, the more deposits there will be in the clearomiser and the air column. After a while, you will have a very bad taste in your mouth. Once a week, you must completely dismantle the clearomiser and clean it without forgetting to pass a cotton swab in the chimney.

You also need to take care of your battery. What’s more frustrating than having to stop vaping because of a dead battery? When you’re not using your e-cig, turn it off. You will save its charge. During the night, recharge it. By following these recommendations, your electronic cigarette will never betray you.

3 – Wait until the last moment to recharge your clearomiser

A hot puff that burns the palate… When it hits your mouth, you instantly know not to inhale it or you’ll burn your lungs. The ”  dry hit  ” is the obsession with all vapours. It comes from a lack of e-liquid in the clearomiser or on the wick.

Don’t wait until the last moment to reload your “tank”. Once 2/3 empty, add liquid. When you change your resistance, spray empty for a few seconds so that the liquid soaks the wick well.

4 – Always vape the same liquid

Do you like pasta? French fries? Well, imagine eating pasta or fries for a month… After a while, you’ll want something else. For the vape, it’s the same thing. It is good to change fluid from time to time.

The palate gets used to the e-liquid and, after a while, it will feel like anaesthesia. You will never smell aromas the same way again. You will therefore have to change e-liquid to ”  reset  ” your palate.

For the vaping experience to be as pleasant as possible, you must always maintain your equipment and above all not compromise on quality. Finally, you have to vary the pleasures and take care of your palate by constantly offering new flavours.