A decent way to buy pod vape

Pons Basic Kit is a decent way to buy pod vape. The Pons Basic Kit consists of two parts: a battery with a built-in rechargeable battery, a replaceable cartridge pre-charged with liquid, without adjusting the airflow and the possibility of adding liquid.
The manufacturer’s focus on new users, inclined to choose simple and convenient devices to start, who are afraid of service and the need to purchase separate devices for charging, has remained unchanged, creating a decent way to buy pod vape.

The battery case is made of aluminum alloy, providing a sufficient level of rigidity, lightweight, with a smooth texture of the external finish. The external coating is only gray in color. Classic strict style.
The upper part of the case is equipped with a traditional, for a similar type of system, recessed in depth compartment, which houses the original cartridge. Retention is provided with magnets. The clutch is reliable enough, confident, nothing dangles, does not fall out. Tightening activates the power supply, a special sensor is responsible for this.
An LED indicator is displayed on one side of the case, which displays information about the charge of the built-in battery. It works according to the traffic light principle, displays 3 colors: red (<20%), yellow (<50%), green (> 51%). It is clear enough, clearly, conveniently.
The Type C connector is located at the bottom of the chassis. Charging transmits current up to 0.5 A, in 20-30 minutes the battery can be fully charged. It is very convenient to use in a car, close to computers and laptops.

The case is made of black plastic. It is translucent, the fill level can be seen in the light. On top of the mouthpiece, traps for liquids are placed, if condensation occurs, they will return the resulting drops back to the cartridge. Bottom – contacts, leak-proof system that separates the block with liquid from the contact group, traps for condensate. Leaks should not be, the manufacturer has seriously worked on this issue.
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