About Pure Cigs

About Pure Cigs

The traditional Pure Cigs kit costs reasonably and includes just the basics: a battery, four refill cartridges and a USB charger. However you may find other more advanced packages offers. They include a wall charger and a portable battery charging case.

The most advanced package replaces the classic cigarette-shaped batteries with much larger ones for longer vapor generation and battery life. All of the kits are priced extremely accessibly, although some consist of fewer accessories than the leading e-cigarette kits marketed by other vendors.

If you need some more variety of e-cigs, you may pay more money for V2’s kits, so you have to decide what your priority is: pay more for your e-cigarette kit now, or pay more for spare parts some time later. However, it’s still not real to see e-cigarette batteries work for a year or more.

As for the flavors, the flavors offered are a few tobacco variations, a menthol flavor and a cherry combined with vanilla flavor with a few sweet notes.

Although we’ve seen more variety when we talk about e-liquid from other e-cigarette companies, Pure Cigs’ flavors will likely keep you attracted for a little while. The cherry and tobacco flavors are of great importance if you like to experiment.

Although the Pure Cigs kits look very modest and you may think that the product is of no reliable quality, the company’s customer service is good compared to those of many larger e-cigarette companies.