Ambition mods vape for sale UK wide

mods vape for sale UKThe Ambition Mods Easy Side Box Mod is a compact battery carrier with an unusual design and has powerful, stable electronics. Our online shop develops the market presence of Ambition mods vape for sale UK wide.
Owing to the space-saving stainless steel construction, the Easy Box offers a 510 connection on the side. The vaporizer thus goes into the design of the mod and rounds it off. Due to the construction, the box is suitable for evaporators up to 24mm in diameter.

Despite the compactness, the mod does not dispense with a high-contrast display. A 0.91 “OLED display was installed on the side.
The high quality impression of the box is confirmed by the processing and electronics, which are leading factors to promote Ambition mods vape for sale UK wide.

Even if the electronics were installed in a particularly space-saving manner, it has all the usual safety features such as short-circuit protection, protection against deep discharge and overheating, as well as overvoltage. A train time limiter to 10 seconds was also installed.
Resistors from 0.1 to 3.0 ohms can be used. A temperature mode is also available for the power mode. Temperatures from 100 to 315 degrees Celsius can be output here.

The power output is limited to 60 watts, so the mod is ideal for all common vaporizers.
Now with the Ambition Mod Easy Box Mod battery carrier, you have a powerful compact battery carrier for on the go or at home in your portfolio. We try to help you with it, promoting the Ambition mods vape for sale UK wide.
We bring a truly space-saving mod to the UK market, promoting the Ambition mods vape for sale UK wide.. The Easy Side Box Mod, which shines with both precise workmanship and high-quality electronics. The larger of the two sides is hardly larger than a 18650 battery, which is inserted into the device from above under the screw-on battery cover. The other side has been significantly shortened so that the battery and evaporator are practically at the same height. The fire button and control buttons are also located here. All relevant information is shown on the 0.91 inch OLED display, which was placed on the underside.