black mamba mouthpiece

black mamba mouthpieceA review for those who search for the best e-juice brands

We present to your attention the e-liquid flavors of Scrimshaw Vapors. This is a new review for those who like and search for the best e-juice brands and want to find them in the shops of e-liquid wholesale distributors.

These guys have an innovative approach to creating e-liquid brands. Scrimshaw Vapors took the e-liquid description names from the ancient artwork. But why are their e-liquids so interesting and unique? Let us understand it together.

First, let us consider the name of each individual cheap premium vape juice.

The premium e-liquid wholesale of Scrimshaw Vapors products does not present too many tastes for the moment. The collection of marketed e-liquids is limited to only three wholesale e-juice flavors.

Each of these tastes is named after a certain mythical sea creature: Kraken, Siren, Moby.

Images of these mythical sea animals are depicted on each e-liquid bottle.

The uniqueness of these electronic juices is also based on their maximum content of glycerin, improving their aromas. The company products are only made from the best and qualitative e-liquid ingredients. The innovative approach to the production process makes the e-liquids ideal and worthy of premium e-juice sale.

Electronic liquids from Scrimshaw Vapors are supplied in glass bottles of 15 and 30 ml.

The e-liquid nicotine is not added in the same volumes and can be portioned from 0 to 18mg. So, you can inhale either vape flavors without nicotine or vape juice flavors with nicotine. You can specify your selection.


The composition, which is based on the aromas of juicy ripe strawberries and cream.


In this case, we can enjoy a unique mixture, in which only exotic-fruit notes will be felt. This composition should remind us a tropical cocktail. Those who like premium fruit juice brands will surely be able to estimate these unique tastes.


Dessert taste. Here you can smell the taste of fresh blueberry biscuits.

black mamba mouthpiece