Buy heets online

Hi, this is a new article for those who buy heets online.

A gorgeous sketch of what would happen if the purchase in the supermarket happened the same as in the online store:
The seller asks for a name, postal code, username, reads out the license text, hangs up, says standard phrases, asks to say “captcha”, automatically charges for urgent delivery of goods and insurance. Urgent delivery of orders for those who buy heets online.

They just want to buy Heets online in an onlie supermarket, but due to “bureaucratic” delays it becomes impossible. What seems absurd to us in real life is very common on the Internet. An advice for online sellers: with Google Analytics, you can improve your shopping experience. Analyze at what stage the users who buy heets online leave the site.
In Google Analytics, you can set up to 20 goals – pages or actions that indicate that the client receives the desired profit from site visitors. The goals can be: subscription to the newsletter, sending an application or making a purchase. If you can buy Heets online in our web store, set the goal to go to the page where the user sees a friendly “Thank you for your purchase! Come again”.

You can also set goals for all stages preceding the final. By the way, double-check whether all pages-stages have their own name (“cart”, “choose a convenient delivery method”, “choose a convenient payment method”, etc.). If you configured everything correctly, you can look at the complete report on achieving the goals (Funnel Visualization report) and analyze at what stage your visitors leave without having made a purchase. The fact that people close the page indicates that everything is either not clear or very not clear. Maybe, at the stage of choosing a delivery option, new information appears and this scares off? Or are you asking questions that visitors do not want to answer? Maybe the page just does not work? You need to research the problematic pages and find a way to improve them to let users buy heets online.