Buy vape juice online – be aware of the content

7When you buy vape juice online, you must keep some recommendations in mind:

The base of the liquid consists of the following substances:
Food additive E1520 – propylene glycol;
Food additive E422 – glycerol;

Here is the traditional composition of a liquid that contains both propylene glycol and glycerin:
Propylene glycol 55-62%
Glycerol 30-35%
Nicotine 0-3.6%
Aromatizer 2-4%

The pronounced taste, habitual sharpness, saturated puffing and general impressions of free vape juice are suitable for those when smoking conventional cigarettes.
Propylene glycol contained in cheap premium vape juice is absolutely harmless. It is widely used in the food industry, medicine. Propylene glycol has a disinfecting effect; it is used as a solvent, preservative, and also used to create smoke in theatrical machines.
Glycerin has a transparent viscous consistency, obtained by hydrolysis of a mixture of oils and fats. It is widely used in cosmetology to create creams, in medicine, and in the food industry. Glycerin is used as a substitute for sugar in cooking.

Under the influence of a heating element (atomizer-helix), these e-liquid ingredients are turned into vapor and form a kind of smoke stream emerging from the electronic cigarette.
E-liquid reviews which were conducted in order to study the alignment of glycerol and propylene glycol in the means (that you have after you buy vape juice online) with the help of which you can refill cartridges, showed that the resulting mixture does not contain harmful compounds. This provides safety for human health.
The best e-liquid flavor concentrate for refilling cartridges does not contain carcinogens, carbon monoxide, ammonia, benzene, cyanide and other poisonous compounds. An electronic cigarette of the best e-juice brands that you will vape when filling this vaping mixture does not cause the effect of passive smoking.