CE3 Smokymizer – no vapor production

CE3 Smokymizer - no vapor production

Bottom coil cartomizers cause less issues but are sometimes unable to feed liquid to the coil quickly enough to maintain high-voltage or fast-paced e-smoking.

When this happens, not only will you observe e-cigarette producing no vapor, but you’ll also get an unpleasant burned taste when you puff. If you’re using a variable-voltage mod, decrease the power setting or inhale less frequently.

You might also try using a less dense e-liquid with a lower percentage of vegetable glycerin. Since e-cigarette tank systems use almost the same principle to deliver liquid to the coil, the best method is the same; decrease the power setting, inhale less frequently or use a thinner e-liquid with more propylene glycol and less vegetable glycerin contained.

Despite the occurring problems, we don’t think the CE3 Smokymizer is a complete money wasting thing. It’s a little easier than the Boge cartomizer to fill correctly and the amount of vapor generated isn’t bad. In spite of the e-liquid wasted as condensation, a full Smokymizer is suitable for at least a few hours of vaping, even in a rush. If you don’t like tank-based e-cigarettes like the Ego-Tank and fail filling Boge cartomizers correctly, the CE3 Smokymizer is worth trying.