What is a battery?

The accumulator is an abbreviation of the word “accumulator”. It is a device for storing energy and powering an electronic device. On an electronic cigarette, it works like a rechargeable battery that supplies electricity to the battery, regardless of whether the mod: is electronic or mechanical.

What are the advantages of a battery?

Unlike an electronic cigarette with an integrated battery, the one with an electronic or mechanical box gives you the possibility of replacing the battery when it becomes unusable. Also, you can charge your mod through an external charger.

In addition, a battery provides a higher autonomy (2500 mAh), compared to a non-removable battery. To this end, if you buy a box with two accumulators, its autonomy can reach 6000 mAh. And, by having several batteries, be sure to be able to vape at any time, even if you run out of battery.

Thus, the interest in choosing the right battery is to be able to take advantage of the advantages it can offer.

How to choose your battery model for your electronic mod?

Whether you have opted for an electronic mod or a mechanical mod, make sure that your battery is the ideal size so that you can use it without problems.

With an electronic mod, you can adjust the power of your vape as you wish. In addition, you are protected from overheating and short circuits, thanks to the chipset with which the electronic box is equipped.

Although you will not necessarily use all the power of your vape, it is always recommended to buy a battery capable of supporting the maximum power of your mod. To do this, you must calculate the current that your battery can supply continuously (CDC) by applying the mathematical formula (ideal CDC = vape power/nominal voltage [3.7 V]). Concretely, if your box has a maximum power of 80 watts, the battery must have a maximum charge intensity greater than 21 amps.

It is therefore important to know the CDC of your battery to preserve your safety as well as the durability of the battery of your e-cigarette.

How to choose your battery model for your mechanical mod?

When you use an electronic cigarette with a mechanical mod, be aware that it does not have a chipset. Therefore, it does not give you the possibility to adjust the power of your vape as you wish. Indeed, the maximum current that your battery can provide to your e-cigarette depends exclusively on the capacity of the resistance used. Thus, to prevent it from exploding, you must know the value of your resistance by using Ohm’s law.

To get an idea of ​​the vaping power of your mechanical mod, simply calculate the resistance value by applying the formula (vape power = nominal voltage x nominal voltage/resistance). For example, for a 0.3-ohm resistance, the vaping power is around 40 watts.

Also, if you tend to change the resistance value frequently, you should buy a battery with a high maximum discharge current (MDC) because it is more likely to work with any resistance. Better still, the acquisition of several batteries increases your chance of using a resistance more suited to your needs.

How to maintain your battery?

To preserve the autonomy of your battery, it is not advisable to use a USB port to recharge it. Thus, the best is to use an external charger so that it can supply the necessary energy to your Vaporetto.

When you move with your battery, you must be careful that it does not come into contact with metal parts, as this can cause a short circuit or the deterioration of your wrap. Therefore, use a plastic or silicone case to transport your battery.

Moreover, when your wrap is in poor condition, you must replace it immediately because it is the plastic envelope that guarantees the safety of your battery.

Besides that, the battery is a recyclable material, like batteries and other types of batteries. So, when yours is worn out, do not throw it in a regular trash can. Be aware that some stores have collection points.