Vapers value their e-cigarettes like the apple of their eyes! We pamper our mods, our boxes, our clearomizers and our reconstructable atomizers and do everything we can to preserve their beauty and performance. However, it must be admitted that it is not always easy to know how to take care of your equipment… This lack of information penalizes users and in particular those who have recently embarked on the adventure.


The maintenance of a mod or a box is based on very simple rules. The most meticulous can of course passes a microfiber cloth over their electronic cigarette so that it regains its former glory. Fingerprints and fine droplets of e-liquid are indeed legions on our devices… Take care above all not to spray your mod with water: a light wipe with a regular cloth will remove these unsightly marks!


Let’s put aside the purely aesthetic aspect and look at the proper functioning of the mod or the box. The majority of e-cigarettes will be satisfied with a summary maintenance and

a simple cleaning of the threads with a paper towel will do the trick! This quick and unrestrictive manipulation allows good conductivity to be maintained and no loss of power during use. Some experts, however, put the odds on their side and do not hesitate to use graphite powder to maintain the threads. Particularly popular with holders of mechanical mods, the latter replaces a lubricant and therefore allows threads to be in perfect condition!


Your e-cigarette shines with a thousand lights, you can now look into your rebuildable atomizer. Whether it’s a dripper or a tank, cleaning the threads is also necessary! Like the threads of your box or mod, take a paper towel and polish the dirty threads. This maintenance will facilitate conductivity and can also save you some detection problems including the famous Check Atomizer… For the rest, a passage with clear water accompanied by soap will be more than enough. Don’t forget to remove the coil from your atomizer before performing this step! After proper cleaning of the various parts of your atomizer including the assembly plate and the drip tip, you can come and dry the assembly with a soft cloth. Finally, there is nothing rocket science!

Some users also decide to play apprentice chemists and use white vinegar to disinfect their equipment. Radical, this solution brings very good results but be careful to remove the seals from your atomizer! If the latter indeed come into contact with the vinegar, they will become rigid and therefore brittle… We are a long way from the desired goal!


Owners of clearomisers can also opt for cleaning with soap and water. Beforehand, the latter will have to remove the resistance present, otherwise, it will become waterlogged and therefore be definitively unusable! We do not recommend the use of vinegar in the case of clearomizer maintenance. Unlike a rebuildable atomizer, removing the seals on a clearomizer can be tricky or even dangerous… The good old technique of cleaning everything with soap and water is the most appropriate! Why complicate life?


You can be proud of the work you have done. Your equipment is clean and operational. These operations necessary for the proper functioning of an e-cigarette only take a few minutes and will certainly save you a lot of inconveniences. If this maintenance must be repeated at least every two weeks, we can only invite you to do it on a much more regular basis for the drip tip. Essential, this part meets your mouth regularly… Regular cleaning of this accessory must be done almost daily! Vaping on clean equipment will only increase your pleasure. Cherish your electronic cigarette, it will reward you!