desktop vaporizers

18Vaping is the inhalation of e-liquid flavors through an electronic evaporator (a cigarette). The vaping industry has grown strongly over the past few years. The profit of the segment in 2016 was $ 5 billion. Euromonitor International, which deals with strategic market research, predicts that by 2019 the money volume of the e-liquid brands industry will grow to $ 17 billion.

Vaping is a hobby of young people (3.9% of girls and 5.6% of guys). In the USA, it is allowed to vape only from the age of majority. As of today, the law prohibits the minors to buy vape juice online.

Vapers fall into these categories:

those who quit smoking and need some nicotine;

those who vaporize vape juice flavors with nicotine;

those who just like to enjoy and order vape flavors without nicotine.

Those who quit smoking replace cigarettes with desktop vaporizers and use a liquid containing e-liquid nicotine and flavorings (or only with flavors).

The second group consists of those who vaporize liquids with nicotine. These are people who, under the influence of fashion, switched from usual cigarettes to vaporizers.

The third group is people who are fanatical from inhaling fumes. They choose vape juice brands without nicotine.

Such premium fruit juice brands for electronic cigarettes are in great demand:

· fruit and berry;

· cocktails and mixes from exotic berries and fruits;

· tobacco fragrances that from afar resemble Camel, Kent, Winston or Parliament;

· caramel, nut and RedBull.

To convince a vaper to buy a certain liquid is difficult, but his choice can be affected in some ways:

· offer a product probe;

· develop an original box for a liquid;

· encourage small presentations;

· implement a loyalty program.

Some attempts will surely let vapers specify their vape juice brands list.