E-Cigarette tank maintenance

E-Cigarette tank maintenance

E-cigarettes are like any other items you might use in your daily routine: as you use them, they unavoidably become cluttered with dirt and any other manner of things that you can imagine. There are other thing that can prevent your tank from operating normally.

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to replace the center cartomizer in your e-cigarette tank from time to time. You’ll realize when it is time to do this because the vapor generation will start to decrease or because nothing will happen when you push the activation button on your e-cigarette.

Some people have informed getting a burned taste when using an e-cigarette tank. This can happen due to the reason you’re using a low-resistance cartomizer and the voltage on your e-cigarette is set too high. It can also happen because the e-liquid in the cartomizer isn’t reaching the heating coil, which is why we suggest filling the cartomizer with a needle.

There may appear some cases, though, when nothing stops your e-cigarette tank from generating a burned taste. This is because the hole drilled into the side of the cartomizer is too small, not making possible for e-liquid to feed through from the tank. You can fix this issue unless you have the equipment necessary to expand the hole yourself. But if you’ve got a defective product, you should return the cartomizer to the vendor for a quick replacement.