eGo-W positive aspects

eGo-W positive aspects

It is easy to replenish, holds plenty of e-liquid. It is reasonably priced. Moreover, it provides nice appearance when used with included cartomizer, cover and pen cap. As for the vapor, it is cool, mild and may attract some smokers.

The Ego W Premium Starter Kit is the best way to start vaping right away. Not only is it a great system for vaping, but the eGo W is an effective way to vape. With its “pen” style looks, you can have it in your pocket or purse and no one will even know it is e-cig related.

A reward is that the screw on pen top keeps everything your mouth touches nice and clean! Use with the included zippered case that is large enough to carry your setup, including charger and wall charger!

It consists of 2 sets of batteries, clearos and pen caps, a zippered case & all the cords and plugs you need! The company offers a nice, classic, black color along with crimson, blue and silver.

The eGo-W F1 Pen Style e-cigarette is a new generation of e-smoking with new technology of 2ml transparent cartomizer (Clearomizer). It is characterized by no burning smell and no leakage. It contains much more e-Liquid and you can enjoy effective vape quantity with this innovative technology of cartomizer.