Patches, chewing gums, and sweets suck so many nicotine substitutes which allow all smokers to detach themselves from the cigarette, are they compatible with the use of the electronic cigarette? To avoid any nicotine overdose, this combination requires some clarification.

Nicotine substitutes

Nicotine substitutes exist in different forms and different dosages.

There are chewing gums, patches, lozenges or even sprays.

The different forms of substitutes are available in various dosages to meet the multitude of smokers.

They compensate for a lack of nicotine and slowly release nicotine to your body. You thus avoid tar, carbon monoxide… and all other harmful or toxic substances.

Nicotine substitutes are considered drugs, it is important to be aware of this and seek the advice of a health professional to best support you in this process.

Do you have the correct dosage of nicotine?

If you are feeling a nicotine craving, make sure the dosage you are using is right for your needs.

Maybe it’s a good idea to increase the nicotine level so that you are satiated with nicotine that you don’t have to resort to substitutes.

You can also try e-liquids with nicotine salts. These e liquids differ from classic e-liquids, by their speed of satiety in nicotine, they act more quickly and provide a sensation very close to classic cigarettes.

Unlike conventional e-liquids, which provide this satiety more slowly, the hit in the throat is much softer even with high nicotine levels.

Beware of overdose

Nicotine substitutes and electronic cigarettes are not incompatible. If the nicotine substitutes reassure you, you can continue them, so that they accompany you towards the gradual cessation of smoking.

You just have to be careful of nicotine overdose. This overdose is most often manifested by headaches, palpitations, nausea, dizziness…

If you want to use both, we advise you to use e-liquid without nicotine with the patches, to avoid any overdose, and pastilles and gums with nicotine e-liquids. Also, take a medical opinion to determine the most suitable combination according to your nicotine needs.

We advise you to be attentive to your body and to remain vigilant, apart from an overdose, you do not risk encountering other major complications.

Happy vaping everyone!