ever cloud vanilla tobacco

Beginners usually give up vaping precisely because they are disappointed either in the taste of liquid or in e-liquid wholesale prices. More experienced vapers know that it’s possible to save and provide e-liquid flavors by starting to mix vape flavors diy. It is simple easy to find e-liquid ingredients, recipes of liquids mixings for e-cigarettes are available to everyone. Self-mixing is also good because it will definitely be safe. All cheap premium vape juice recipes can be divided into:

fruit flavors are used in order to imitate various fruits and berries (orange, apple, cherry, melon, strawberry and much more);
sweet – ever cloud vanilla tobacco, caramel, ice cream.

There are also recipes using milk and coffee. There are pure vape juice flavors with nicotine, the taste of which exactly replicates the cigarette, which helps ex-smokers to switch to vaping.

Thus, the recipes for the best e-liquid flavor concentrate can be an infinite quantity, and it is impossible to choose the best of them, because the sensations from this or that liquid will be individual for each person.

can start with the most popular top vape flavors:
• Creme brulee. The basis is traditional, aroma – orange, apple, vanilla, Irish cream in equal proportions.
• Gum. Mint and apple in 1: 2 ratio.
• Strawberry, white tea and menthol.
• Peach, eucalyptus, mint and green tea. It is very refreshing.
• Cherry and caramel. Sweet taste. One should let liquid get mixed for a couple of days for the caramel to be fully open.
• Peach and apple. Sweet and sour taste.
• Green tea and strawberry. Sweet and sour mixture.
• Cola.
• Carnation, anise and mint. Flower taste.

And so on. Actually, there is only one recipe for free vape juice: take a different vape juice flavors list and experiment, adding different proportions to the basis.