Some smokers are afraid that by switching from cigarettes to vaping, they will lose this feeling of contraction in the throat which is called the hit. Rest assured, there is no risk! To feel the hit with an e-liquid, you just have to choose your electronic cigarette products carefully.

What is the hit with an electronic cigarette?

Passing through the throat, cigarette smoke creates a very special sensation, a kind of tingling and contraction.

To reproduce what is called the hit with an electronic cigarette, there are several techniques:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) causes the hit

Propylene glycol, abbreviated as PG, is a decisive factor in the feeling of the throat hit when vaping with an e-cig. It is the main component of an e-liquid with vegetable glycerin, abbreviated as VG. The PG/VG rate is indicated on the e-liquid sheets. The higher the propylene glycol level, the more powerful the hit! On the other hand, the vapour produced will be less important and less dense than with an e-liquid rich in vegetable glycerin.

  • The nicotine dosage increases the sensation of a hit

Another way to improve the hit in the throat is to increase the dosage of nicotine contained in the e-liquid that you vape. If you have a feeling of lack during the vape which makes it difficult for you to quit smoking, you can switch to an e-liquid with a higher dose of nicotine. However, to reduce your nicotine consumption once you have stopped smoking, we advise you to turn to another method to feel the hit with the e-liquid.

  • The e-liquid aromas allow you to better feel the hit

Some aromas allow you to feel the hit better during the vape than others. This is particularly the case with mint flavors and additives that add a cooling effect while vaping.

  • The voltage of the electronic cigarette intensifies the hit

The stronger the power delivered by an electronic cigarette, the stronger the hit felt. Be careful, however, to choose vaping equipment suitable for power vaping if you want to test new sensations with a more powerful hit!

If, when quitting smoking, you want to feel a hit while vaping e-liquid, you should over time no longer need this feeling. You will be able to lower your nicotine dosage, and focus more on the aromas perceived during the vape!