Halo Triton introduction

Halo Triton introduction

In the previous years, it seems that cartomizer tanks have become just the most required thing in the world of e-cigarettes.

People tend to love the fact that cartomizer tanks provide the possibility for even the chain e-cigarette users to fill their e-cigarettes one time at the beginning of the day and then forget about it, rather than putting e-liquid to an atomizer or cartomizer every few inhalations. However, it is individually up to every person whether to use them or not. Some do not share that sentiment.

They may always seem to result in significant compromises in flavor and vapor generation compared to standard atomizers and cartomizers. The Halo Triton is the latest innovative e-cigarette to decline the standard pre-filled cartomizers in favor of a cartomizer tank, and although it functions pretty well, it isn’t ideal.

However, it is evident that Triton Starter Kits are perfect for those that have got tired of the G6 E-cig or are looking to switch to a superior performing system. These kits include all the hardware you’ll need to get started, including long battery life and the best tank system available.

So, as a result, not only refined in appearance, this superior performing electronic cigarette tank system will produce thick vapor with a smooth draw. Smoke it, enjoy and improve your smoking process!