The battery is the rechargeable battery that powers mods that do not have a built-in battery. This type of box operating with batteries is now the majority on the vape market. By allowing you to change your batteries according to your desires, they guarantee you continuous autonomy. As with all rechargeable batteries, batteries require a  dedicated battery charger that you can find in our selection of accessories. Nitecore and  Xtar battery chargers offer the best battery chargers on the market.


There are different battery formats, all designated by a succession of five digits. The most common format is the famous 18650. The number 18 means that its diameter is 18mm; 65 represents the height in millimetres of the battery and finally, the zero means that its format is cylindrical (unlike some very rare batteries in 1, in the shape of a parallelepiped). Other major modern battery types are 20700; 21700 and 26650. The larger your battery, the greater the chance that its autonomy will be high! The product sheets for each of the boxes sold on our site mention the type of battery with which they work. To choose the right format, all you have to do is refer to it. However, you will find that for the same battery format, there are several different models. In addition to the difference in manufacturer, these models are mainly distinguished by two values: the capacity of the battery and its discharge current.


The capacity, expressed in ampere-hours (Ah), reflects the autonomy of your battery. The higher the value, the longer your battery will last before needing to be recharged, which is, you may admit, particularly practical! Most electronic boxes today offer a large number of safeties, in particular, to deal with cases of Undervoltage or short-circuit, so you can freely choose the battery with the highest capacity.


However, it is quite different when you use a mechanical mod. With this type of mod without protection, the notion of discharge current becomes essential. It’s a matter of security. It is therefore advisable to choose a battery with a maximum discharge current (CDM) in line with the value of your resistance. The CDM represents the maximum work intensity likely to be provided by your battery without its integrity being jeopardized. The lower your resistance, the higher the CDM of your battery will have to be. Be careful though against using resistors with a value of fewer than 0.5 ohms with your mechanical mod.


Finally, note that the batteries are also distinguished by their chemistry. Li-ion chemistry is the most common in vaping. The effective voltage of this type of battery varies between 4.2V when the battery is fully charged and 3.2V when it is empty. The electronic mods are regulated and therefore deliver the same voltage as long as they have autonomy. Conversely, you will notice a decrease in the effective voltage of your battery when it is used with a mechanical mod. The more you vape, the lower the power delivered. Again, we recommend the use of mechanical mods for experienced users.

You know everything (or almost!). The batteries being the most delicate component of your electronic cigarette, we advise you not to take any risks with them.