Like any electronic device, the setting of the electronic cigarette is essential for proper use. An incorrectly adjusted e-cigarette is one of the first factors in stopping vaping and returning to classic cigarettes.

Choose your equipment and your e-liquid carefully

First of all, before embarking on the very configuration of your box, it is important to choose your e-liquid carefully. When choosing your favourite flavour, pay close attention to the composition of the liquid, as well as the choice of your material.

The correct setting of the box of an electronic cigarette

There are mainly 3 operating modes for a vape battery :

  1. Power variation (VW): the objective is to vary the output power of the box by electronically varying the voltage delivered.
    For example, for a simple resistance of 0.5 ohms, it will be necessary to adjust the output power between 3.0 and 4.8 volts or between 18 and 46 watts.
    Please note: these are indicative values ​​which differ according to the resistor used. A recommended range of use is generally indicated on the resistors of the clearomisers.
  2. Temperature control (TC): the principle is identical to VW mode. It regulates the heating temperature of the wire which makes up the resistance (generally between 180 and 320°C) but with a variable temperature which prevents the wire from exceeding the given value.
    Warning: only certain wires are compatible with the TC mode (Titanium Ti, NiChrome Ni200 and Steel SS316L).
  3. Bypass (semi-regulated mechanical): this mode of operation is generally recommended for experienced vapers. The Bypass mode simulates the operation of a mechanical mod but is electronically protected, to avoid any excessive discharge of the battery.
    In this mode, the battery will then supply its voltage directly (4.2 volts fully charged to 3.0 volts discharged) and it is only the value of the resistance that will determine the power supplied.

You now understand why it is very strongly advised to follow the power values ​​indicated on the resistors when the latter are supplied.

On the other hand, know that it is easy to be able to vary your vape while keeping the same resistance! All you have to do is adjust the power and thus obtain a cold, warm or hot vape according to your desires. However, keep in mind that the more you use the resistance in the high range, the faster it will wear out.