How to fill your vape?

If you are a vaper, there is a manipulation that you repeat very often: filling the clearomiser of your e-cigarette. Some vapers perform this operation several times a day, while others are only confronted with this manipulation occasionally. But whatever your consumption of e-liquid, the tank empties little by little and sooner or later you have to start.

Depending on the electronic cigarette model, the tanks can have several opening systems: from the top, and the bottom of the side.

1. Filling your e-cigarette from below

A large number of clearomisers have a bottom filling.

  • To add liquid, simply unscrew the base of the clearomizer and pour the e-liquid along the transparent reservoir.
  • There is nothing complicated but you have to be careful not to put any liquid in the central chimney.
  • A single drop of e-liquid in this duct and you will have the unpleasant surprise of swallowing liquid during the first puffs.

2. Filling your electronic cigarette from the top

This filling mode, also called “top-fill” filling, is more and more widespread because it is also very simple. However, this system requires attention to the airflow.

  • If your clearomiser has an air inlet from below, you must rotate the airflow ring to block the air inlets. Otherwise, with the pressure, the liquid would start to flow considerably.
  • Once this precaution has been taken, you can open the top cap of your clearomiser to pour the liquid into it.
  • Once the operation is finalized, close the top cap and open the bottom airflow.

3. The side filling of your vaper

The principle is substantially the same as with top filling, but this method of filling is increasingly rare because it is impractical. In any case, there will be a maximum quantity of e-liquid not to be exceeded.

With these few tips, you will become a master in the art of filling! Don’t forget that if you are using your resistance for the first time, it is essential to start it well. Indeed, a well-soaked e-cig resistance is a resistance that will accompany you for a long time!

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