DIY is awesome! You prepare your e-liquid yourself, save money and get exactly the aromas you are looking for. How to properly dose your nicotine booster? How to use this famous booster?

New legislation that impacts DIY

The European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) governs the marketing of vape products. In application since July 1, 2017, it is now forbidden to sell bottles of E-liquids larger than 10 ml. The highest dosage of nicotine allowed for sale is 20 mg.

The nicotine booster, what is it?

To overcome these European directives, manufacturers have implemented DIY nicotine boosters. So you can continue to make all your favourite Eliquids.

The principle is simple, just get a PG/VG base in the proportions of your choice, add one or more nicotine boosters according to your dosage and add your favourite flavours.

Nicotine booster, composition

Nicotine boosters consist of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Nicotine. The dosages can vary according to your expectations, it is up to you to adapt them according to your needs. Take care to use a large capacity bottle, as nicotine boosters will necessarily increase the volume of your base.

Nicotine booster calculator

The calculation seems complex at first sight, but do not panic; with a little practice, the DIY nicotine booster will have no more secrets for you.

Just fill in the quantity in ml of base you want to make, add the nicotine dosage you want and the calculator tells you the number of boosters needed.

There you go, you know all about nicotine boosters, it’s up to you.

See you soon for even more vape.