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Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, a natural component of tobacco and a lot of ingredients. PMI is developing alternative products to cigarettes that contain nicotine and creates IQOS cigarettes buy online offers.

PMI focused on two ways to do this, and each of them excludes the burning. Firstly, it is intended to heat the tobacco till the steam will appear which contains nicotine and has a pleasant taste, while reducing the level of ingredients, which are present in the vapor. And this is just the beginning.

Conducting IQOS and launching the IQOS cigarettes buy online offers; PMI has managed to create through rigorous research and development two innovative tobacco products: IQOS and TEEPS. Each of them heats in its own way.

IQOS heats a specially prepared stuff to high temperature. It produces vapor that contains nicotine and tastes good, releasing the real aroma of tobacco. Since a combustion process cannot occur, the level of ingredients is significantly reduced when compared to cigarette smoke. This is what turns IQOS into a smokeless product that is truly attractive to smokers, which has already been processed by millions of consumers.

The product platform heats a stuff that contains nicotine and flavors through an electric heating system to produce vapor. This platform includes electronic cigarette products.

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