Is it possible to buy an E-Cigarette in Stores?

Is it possible to buy an E-Cigarette in Stores?

Some time ago the Associated Press estimated that as many as 2.5 million Americans have stopped tobacco smoking and switched to e-cigarettes. So far, e-cigarettes have largely been an online masterpiece; vendors mainly sell them via internet and give affiliates small commissions to help spread the word everywhere.

Nevertheless, for e-smoking to become truly fashion, it needs to be possible to purchase an e-cigarette in stores locally — and that phenomenon is starting to come true.

One of the known e-cigarette company — V2 Cigs — just signed a deal with the maker of Zig-Zag papers and will be supplying an e-cigarette in stores around the country in the nearest future. This is a great time to buy a V2 starter kit, since you’ll soon be able to buy your refills at the local store. V2 isn’t the only brand starting to act, though.

Since Big Tobacco is now selling e-cigarettes, you can find the e-cigarette in stores more frequently in the near future. It is important to emphasize that while you can buy an e-cigarette in stores, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do it.

The e-cigarette brands that you most usually face in stores — brands such as Blu and NJOY — aren’t exactly known for providing a great deal of value for the money.

You can get an e-cigarette for remarkably less than this from other companies, and get a premium-quality product.
Although there’s obviously nothing wrong with getting a cheap disposable e-cigarette from the local store so you can get the least notion of what e-cigarettes are like, you should realize that you’re only having a small part of what e-cigarettes have to offer. Learn more about e-cigs every day since you decided to introduce them into your life.