Menthol e-juices

Menthol e-juicesSome time ago we told you about our impressions of the new vape juice flavors list of Drake’s Naturally Extracted Tobacco. Now we have the opportunity to disclose to you this vape juice brands list. These are the same e-liquid brands, suitable for use on every day. Here you will also find unobtrusive top vape flavors, but the basic idea is more “strong” e-liquid flavors. So, if you like some astringency and liquids with tobacco, then this best e-liquid flavor concentrate should interest you.

Naturally, we offer them to the attention of fans of vape juice flavors with nicotine.
Those who prefer vape juice brands without nicotine, this news will not interest.


In this liquid, several varieties of tobacco are re-united, such as Drum, Samson and Golden Virginia. The liquid has an incredible creamy taste, but in addition there are also some earthen notes with a little sweetness and all this is diluted with the dryness of a practically usable tobacco leaf


As a rule, it is a very popular tobacco without sugar, which usually gives dryness to the dried leaves. If you consider yourself a real taster, then for sure you will notice in this liquid a thin, barely perceptible note of the nut.

Kentucky is a variant of Burli tobacco, which has been specially processed, but, unlike Burley, Kentucky is virtually completely “dried”. This is necessary in order to give it an excellent aromatic quality, but not as pronounced as something like Latakia’s tobacco.


This is a variety of taste! menthol e-juices. Ice menthol and thin notes of tobacco Virginia. This is exactly the top vape flavors that stand out even against the background of other tobacco liquids, because there is not a flavor, but an extract of menthol. Very high quality mix.