A NuvoCig is an electronic cigarette, also known as e cigarettes, e cigs, e-cigs, e smoke, smokeless cigarette, and vapor producing cigarette.

It is namely a device that was developed to simulate the sensation of smoking while reducing the harmful side effects caused from smoking, eliminating the burning of tobacco. Classic and simple, NuvoCig is a safer alternative to smoking. You can use it together with ordinary cigarettes in areas that are under smoking bans, or where you don’t want to expose others to passive smoking.

Or if you choose, it can be used as an absolute replacement for your cigarettes.
Moreover, if you’ve been familiar with e-cigarettes for more than a year, this quite possible that the NuvoCig brand was among the first to ever draw your attention. Offered in mall kiosks and on a website since 2010, NuvoCig is one of the leading e-cigarette brands in the United States.

From the very beginning, NuvoCig showed itself as an inexpensive choice to the better known brands such as Blu. However, this did not happen at once, it wasn’t until a recent product redesign. Its attractive design was liked by many smokers.

With its new steel-tinged batteries and cartridges, NuvoCig is more appealing than ever with starter kit prices that remain demanded. However, Blu isn’t the biggest competitor in the e-cigarette industry anymore. At the present moment, e-cigarette companies have to be extremely flexible in a field dominated by V2 Cigs.