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Online vape platform for vapersBelow we made a selection of sweet electronic juices for lovers of Online vape platform for vapers.


As soon as you open the bottle, the atmosphere will change to apple immediately in the room, there will be a feeling that at the moment you are in the apple garden. In addition to apples, the notes of berry e-liquid flavors, such as raspberries, strawberries and strawberries, are perfectly exposed on the output.


Do you even want to stay in winter in summer, where juicy watermelons can be eaten every day? No problem. Having tried this liquid, you can instantly move to summer days. There is no mix here, there are maximized only the top vape flavors of watermelon.


This is to attention of sweet teeth. This is a very tasty and “sweet” liquid, in which the cinnamon is the main of the e-liquid ingredients for saturation, against its background there is a dose of sweet cream that gradually dampens the taste of cinnamon.


It’s a kind of cheap premium vape juice with a mix of pineapple sorbet and juicy strawberries, in which there is a taste of fresh berries and cool and exotic fruits.

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Very interesting taste, where the main ingredient is “toffee”, probably everyone tried these sweets, but that the toffee was with a raspberry aftertaste this is something new. If you suddenly look for new sensations, then you definitely need to try this liquid.

Very complex and, perhaps, the most intriguing mix that can be found in the vape juice flavors list from the manufacturer. The thing is that here you can find and blame forest berries, eucalyptus and even anise. Imagine only yourself two components – anise and eucalyptus, they certainly will definitely look against the background of other components.