Open Juul Alternative Pod Devices

Juul Alternative Pod DevicesUwell Caliburn is one of portable open Juul Alternative Pod Devices. Produced by Uwell, a well-known community, mainly the electronic mod Nunchaku and the Crown atomizer, warmly received by vapor enthusiasts.

Caliburn’s pod system is an attempt to stake out a small area on the market for vapor generating devices, in the segment of small open Juul Alternative Pod Devices aimed at the users who prefer liquids with saline nicotine.

Main features of these open Juul Alternative Pod Devices are compactness; light weight; medium-capacity built-in battery; one-button control; capacious cartridge tank with the ability to refill from above.

The Orion Q-Pro Pod is a representative of the most popular series of open Juul Alternative Pod Devices produced by Lost Vape. The kit is aimed primarily at new users of open Juul Alternative Pod Devices who are about to quit smoking.

The kit includes a battery and a cartridge. Both are made in the box format, have the shape of a parallelepiped, when connected, form a solid rectangular device, without protrusions, convenient and functional. The battery is equipped with built-in charging, the cartridge is easy to fill with liquid, replaceable evaporators are used to generate vapor.

Main features of the Orion Q-Pro pod are capacious built-in battery; capacious cartridge; simple top dressing; setting the intensity of airflow; compatibility with Orion evaporators.

Orion Q-Pro Battery. The rectangular shape of the case, with rounded edges, comfortably held in the hand. Ergonomics at a high level. Differences in the layout of control elements from brothers in the Orion series are minimal.

The case is made of stainless steel, it can be painted in silver, black, blue, golden, rainbow colors. Lateral wide edges are decorated with overlays in 22 different variations. The manufacturer divided them into species, they got a peculiar series: VTA, with a large inscription We Vape We Vote, urging to support the petition against the ban on vaping; Stabwood, where the lining is made of stabilized wood; Stabwood & Resin, with resin and wood overlays; Wave, with black overlays imitating carbon coating; Honeycomb, in which the texture of the pads imitates a honeycomb. In most cases, there is some kind of bright image, which is a chaotic mixture of several colors. It looks good, done neatly, most users will easily choose an option for their liking.