Order heets online – ease of use

We recently had a second chance to be convinced how very easy in use the heets device is. We have checked it now, but we would like to describe it to all smokers who are going to order heets online. We guessed how to disassemble IQOS 3 without reading the instructions. This is despite the fact that we cannot be experienced users of any kind of gadgets. Ease of use, we rather refer to the merit of the developers, which they took care of in advance and we wish to present it to the smokers who are going to order heets online.

You just need to remove the upper part of the holder, take out the stick itself, if necessary, clean up literally with a couple of movements of the tobacco left inside. After that – put the holder back into the device and literally recharge it a little. Again, literally pushing a single button. Ease of use – the undoubted “plus” of IQOS. But there is an important nuance here: we noticed that the recharge takes about five minutes. This may seem like a small “minus” to those who are used to smoking one cigarette after one. But, as for us, you just have to give up such a habit, and then the break between smoking a stick will easily turn the “minus” into an obvious “plus”.

Will we go back to cigarettes? After impressions from IQOS – rather not. Everything suited me: taste, design, process of use.

Who may be interested in IQOS?

In our opinion – any smoker who, for various reasons, does not want to give up the habit of smoking in general. If you are already in search of an analogue of cigarettes, we recommend to order heets online. An important caveat – those who smoke can diversify their habit by ordering heets online!

You can buy IQOS 3 heets online on this website and we advise you to do it. We find it very easy and convenient to order heets online here in Canada. Without having a necessity to buy them from abroad!