Which electronic cigarette for CBD?

Now essential in the vape market, CBD is everywhere. Vaping CBD e-liquids nevertheless raises many questions: what material to use for this type of e-liquid? Are there any special precautions to take?

Which electronic cigarette for CBD? To find out more, read our article!

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Learn the PG/VG dosage

All of the liquid configurations leave a wide margin of possibilities for enhancing taste and sensation. We cannot do without the PG/VG debate when we talk about vaping. The role that is attributed to these two elements is of paramount importance that every vaper must understand. Whether you like vapour or hit in the throat, these are characteristics that are determined by this basic ratio between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Before embarking on the various applications, let’s take a look at the nature of these solutions.

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DIY: The complete guide to making your e-liquid!

The Do It Yourself phenomenon continues to grow over time. A social phenomenon, the “do it yourself” fashion is attracting more and more consumers, especially in the vape sector. Do you want to consume your electronic cigarette liquid? For reasons of taste or economic reasons? Find all our advice to achieve this!

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How to fill your vape?

If you are a vaper, there is a manipulation that you repeat very often: filling the clearomiser of your e-cigarette. Some vapers perform this operation several times a day, while others are only confronted with this manipulation occasionally. But whatever your consumption of e-liquid, the tank empties little by little and sooner or later you have to start. Continue reading


Do It Yourself or more commonly known as DIY attracts more and more people, even in the world of vaping. We can say that DIY in terms of e-liquid is becoming more and more important given all the profits that can be made from it. Besides, how to describe an e-liquid? It is a question of a very simple mixture based on vegetable glycerin, with propylene glycol, some flavours and droplets of nicotine or nicotine salt, with more additives… all this merged in a bottle.

If you choose to make your e-liquid yourself, you will have the advantage of adapting its fragrance and aroma, so you can save money. Know that to do so, you would need a nicotine booster calculator. This will help you to make a good dosage of your various flavours as well as the nicotine that constitutes your liquid.

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Apart from the battery, the performance of an electronic cigarette also relies on resistance. However, you should know that this accessory has an end of life that you cannot ignore. You must then be prepared to replace the resistance as you use your e-cigarette. You will have more details regarding the replacement of this element by following this guide until the end.

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What is a battery?

The accumulator is an abbreviation of the word “accumulator”. It is a device for storing energy and powering an electronic device. On an electronic cigarette, it works like a rechargeable battery that supplies electricity to the battery, regardless of whether the mod: is electronic or mechanical.

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