Praising 5% Juul pods

5% Juul podsJuul has a much weaker throat hit effect. The taste is softer and can be masked by the aromas. Steam does not stain you so quickly. You can try only one puff from a friend in a bar or while smoking, without pressing to inhale more. An elegant, unobtrusive form factor does not notice you as a serious vap user. It is relaxed. But the public gesture and the clouds that people breathe out are still conspicuous to cause problems: “What is this? Can we try? You should write a completely different article about how the Juul memes and Instagram stories that praised the 5% Juul pods.

And, perhaps the most intriguing thing, vaping seems to be more attractive. A whole lifetime of smoking bans announcements and warning labels revealed danger in our heads. But what damage can steam do?

A friend who has never smoked says that now she is burning several full 5% Juul pods every day. Someone made her once have a try of one puff at a nightclub. Then she bought one and never looked back. All her life had been changed once. 5% Juul pods made it too difficult to resist temptation.
Cigarette lighting is an uneven activity that is banned in many places. Not so is the careful vaping of Juul.

You vape from 5% Juul pods without any inconvenience. Unlike usual cigarettes, no stains remain on your clothes, your finger skin does become yellow.

As long as your battery is charged, you do not need additional equipment, and you will not attract attention like a lighter. Battery life is a serious problem for avid tankers, as smokers don’t worry, but I know people who now carry giant portable chargers to simply support life. But there is also a network effect that is being developed.
Public institutions are still exploring how to handle Juuls and other vaporizers. In many places where smoking is prohibited, the same is clearly not done for JUUL devices. Less smelly steam and more restrained movement make it easy to hide. In addition to airplanes, you can probably play silly and say that you did not know the rules if you were caught. Nobody can exactly say that the usage of JUUL is prohibited by any rules.