Regular (tobacco) cigarette vs Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette vs Electronic Cigarettes

We shall understand why e-cigarettes are less harmful to the smoker?
Step one – remember that the greatest harm to smoker brings not nicotine itself. Nicotine is a stimulant and it is addictive. But not nicotine is the most harmful substance in cigarettes and tobacco use in general.

The most harmful is tar and carcinogenic substances that are a kind of “supplements” to nicotine. To learn about it, you may just look at Sites dedicated to combat smoking sites – there’s a lot of information about their harmfulness. Pay attention to the resin, and other substances description. Nicotine must not been taken into account – because we have determined that it is present in tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Step two – we have to understand that the tar and carcinogenic substances in the process of smoking, are formed by the combustion of tobacco leaf, paper and other impurities present in cigarettes. In the combustion process – this is important!

The last step, the third: it remains to understand the physics of the smoke / vapor formation in traditional and electronic cigarette. In the “regular” is present the process of combustion (smoldering), it is why are formed as a result all this chemical substances, of which we rightly afraid almost all smokers.
Regular (tobacco) cigarette
– Contain more than 4,000 harmful substances, emitted during cigarette combustion (including tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, benzene, ammonia, etc.).
– Contain more than 60 carcinogens.
– After smoking tobacco cigarettes remains an unpleasant smell from the mouth, hands and clothing.
– The smoke carries a huge inconvenience to non-smokers people and children.
– After smoking remains an ugly yellow dental plaque on the smoker’s teeth.

Electronic Cigarettes
– The composition of the liquid contains only water, purified nicotine (if this e-liquid contains nicotine), propylene glycol and aromatic components.
– is yet unconfirmed contain e-cigarettes carcinogens or not, but the fact is that the vapor doesn’t contain carcinogens that’s a fact.
– Don’t leave an unpleasant smell.
– The effect of passive smoking is absent, because e cigarette vapor are harmless. By smoking electronic cigarettes you will not disturbing anyone (so you can vape in public places).

- Do not leave yellow dental plaque.
Despite these advantages, you shouldn’t think that e-cigarettes are completely safe. This is not so. They are prohibited for non-smokers, children and pregnant women. Also at the question, it is harmful to smoke electronic cigarettes or not, – we must respond positively, if the potential smokers have serious health problems.

Thus, electronic cigarettes can be dangerous only when a smoker bought low quality device or e-liquid, from untested manufacturers. Indeed, in this case, you can’t be completely sure that the composition of this liquid for electronic cigarette doesn’t contain any harmful substances and impurities.