silver surfer vaporizer uk

silver surfer vaporizer ukWe are glad to greet an all of you today, dear steamers and connoisseurs of delicious electronic steam. It’s time to tickle your taste receptors and learn a little more about the manufacturers of e-liquid brands for electronic cigarettes, which exist in our world. We suggest you get acquainted with the new manufacturer, silver surfer vaporizer uk, which has been on the market for a long time, but this will be a theme of our current e-liquid reviews. There is one thing, their entire vape juice flavors list consists of only five tastes, which was every quarter only improved, and, perhaps, they found their Zen and sell the final product, brought to the mind, where all the components are selected and, probably, everything is perfect in these liquids and they can interest both tasters and average vapers.

Well, let’s go. The company produces liquids in packs of 30 and e-liquid 120 ml capacity, if liquids in bottles with a volume of 30 ml are not so easy to find, then bottles with a content of 120 milliliters can be found in almost every store. Fluids with e-liquid nicotine content of 0.3 and 6 mg per ml are available. All liquids are made only from qualitative e -liquid ingredients and components, and their composition does not destroy the structure of cotton and heating element materials. On each bottle there are bright stickers with information and warnings, the fluids are manufactured according to all the requirements of the regulatory bodies.


A fluid for which only two components, but they are clearly felt at the moment of inhaling and exhale, without impurities and complex mixes. Relaxing liquid, where the grape extract is felt at the entrance, and fresh blueberry is felt while exhaling e-liquid flavors.


A refreshing balance that instantly moves you into the summer. Strawberry and watermelon are the two main ingredients here, but the addition of menthol freshness adds a special charm to this liquid. For those who like a little coolness in the summer hot days.