SMOK BEC Pro introduction

SMOK BEC Pro introduction

Specialists believe that connectivity with mobile devices can be one of the features that people search for in advanced personal vaporizers in the near future.

When someone makes the switch to e-cigarettes, he/she notices — and we are sure this is not the only one person— that after some years a certain smoker was probably puffing on e-cigarette more times a day than he/she had ever puffed on tobacco cigarettes.

The first glance of the SMOK BEC Pro says that is very slick, very modern. With most of the tube covered in a fine ‘grill’ look, much like an electric razor, it’s a fine texture for gripping. The ‘tube’ is slightly curved and narrower than the tip of the device.

Like many other APV with similar features, the head is a black plastic with a fair sized display, topped with two screw on / screw off caps in order to perform different atomizer devices, from 510 tanks to standard clearomizers. Use one cap for 510 devices, and use the other, with a wide-mouth opening for times when you want to use a clearomizer or some other ego-threaded device.

Nevertheless, one can be fairly certain that it was consumed less nicotine in general. For someone such frequent puffing would not signal anything good, and this someone would not absolutely positive and want to reduce number of puffs day after day. As a smoker you can try to calculate your puffs manually. But remember to do that, otherwise you will forget to keep track.

Having used the BEC Pro exclusively for several weeks, one can say that it is a good e-cigarette and well worth every dollar paid for it. However, the Bluetooth functionality still has some nuances to rectify.