The heat is here and it’s time to start preparing for that summer we’ve all been looking forward to. The little moment by the pool is essential to relax and enjoy a vaping break. However, keep in mind that the swimming pool is also a dangerous place for your electronic cigarette.

Keep your electronic cigarette away from water and out of direct sunlight 

We must therefore admit that the most practical answer is to leave your electronic cigarette on the picnic table and well away from the sun under the parasol. This is where she will most likely be safe from the risk of splashing and summertime antics with friends. In the shade, it will also be safe from potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.

So if you can stay away from your e-cigarette long enough to take a dip and then get back to the table, you’re pretty sure you won’t end your great day disappointed that you lost your favourite device. 

Prioritize the use of disposable electronic cigarettes  

If you decide to float under the sun on an inflatable mattress, do not take your electronic cigarette with you. This electronic cigarette you hold in your hands is likely to die in a sudden accident that you could easily have avoided.

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, your e-cigarette is bound to get lightly splashed or just end up on the bottom of the pool.

Instead, take a disposable e-cigarette with you that you can use without taking unnecessary risks and having no regrets. That way, if your friend throws you into the water without thinking, you won’t be heartbroken. 

In addition, we advise you to always have dry hands before touching any electrical device, including your electronic cigarette. Therefore, always keep a towel handy to dry your hands quickly before picking up your e-cigarette. 

Enjoy Fruity Flavored E-Liquids During Summer 

There’s nothing better to accompany a sunny vaping session by the pool than the sweet fruity flavour of your favourite e-liquid. Fruity drinks are a long-standing tradition during the summer months, especially for lovers of good times of relaxation and tanning. Now you don’t need a fruit punch and ice cream to enjoy that deliciously fresh flavour of the summer season.

One of the classics to consume without moderation during the summer is the menthol e-liquid. This fresh flavour is often essential for beginners. As far as fruit flavours go, the blueberry flavour is great if you enjoy sweet flavours, but if you want a hint of sourness then the subtle cherry flavour e-liquid will be perfect for you.

Relatively inexpensive, you can experiment with as many aromas as you want until you can identify your favourite fruity flavours.