The main purpose of RELX is to become a cheap Juul alternative

cheap Juul alternativeRELX POD Starter Kit is a cheap Juul alternative and an analogue of JUUL, which works with replaceable cartridges, which are pre-supplied with different flavors.
The main purpose of RELX is to become a cheap Juul alternative. The manufacturer offers the smallest device in miniature sizes, both simple to maintain and maintain, which will require only recharging and replacing cartridges. Naturally, there can be no talk of the possibility of refueling the pod yourself, but the guys from RELX II HK LIMITED, for their part, offer a good set of tastes, some of which we will discuss below. According to the company, one cartridge replaces three packs of cigarettes (M – marketing!) And one hearth will suffice depending on the strength of your addiction to bad habits from 3 to 5 days.

Relx is one of the best POD systems and a cheap Juul alternative in the vaping world, which will leave a pleasant impression due to using the best technology and design. Cartridges perfectly convey the true taste. One RELX cartridge basically replaces 3 packs of cigarettes. If you smoke 1 pack of cigarettes per day, then the RELX pod cartridge is enough for 3-5 days. The manufacturer provides 7 tastes and you can choose the most suitable cheap Juul alternative for you. 350Mah battery capacity with uniform vapor should last for about one full day. Also, the device supports a charge from MicroUSB.
Minimalist design, no buttons or switches, ultra-portable and easy to use.
Rechargeable via Micro USB
Sealed, complete POD system, a cheap Juul alternative, the lowest risk of fluid leakage.

This cheap Juul alternative is easy to operate: just insert the cartridge and enjoy.
The device arrived in a rather large box, into which it would be easy to shove some massive box mod, a couple of atomizers, a pack of evaporators, charging, and even the hell knows what. But the small weight of the packaging made of thick white cardboard still makes one doubt the generosity of the manufacturer.
Apart from the battery pack, two cartridges (with different tastes) with a 5% strength (50 mg / ml) are supplied with this cheap Juul alternative.