The opportunity to buy vape-liquid cheap will dominate

Greetings to all the vapers. Another part of e-liquid reviews would be dedicated to the information that is obtained by us from European countries. In the US, another study was led, which drew attention to the level of e-liquid nicotine and linked it to tobacco dependence. Because the consumption of e-liquid brands is becoming increasingly popular, everyone is beginning to switch to electronic cigarettes, and what do tobacco companies have to do? It is natural that they do not want to lose their target auditory.

It is known that an electronic cigarette is at least 95% safer than any usual one. Apparently, tobacco monopolies paid attention to this and now they will offer nicotine sticks, in which the nicotine content is lower as if it does not cause dependence. An argument in the fight against e-cigarette? We do not think so!

Information has slipped that the FDA is planning to lower the level of nicotine in usual cigarettes in order to minimize addiction to cigarettes. Various experts of public health have put forward different opinions as to whether this measure will be effective, or whether it will not be useful. As early as June 28, the FDA announced a new comprehensive plan for the regulation of tobacco and nicotine, where one of the main points was the point about reducing the amount of nicotine in order to minimize dependence.

In general, this is the case of tobacco companies. However, we can safely predict that they will not be able to reduce the popularity of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid wholesale ratings. One of the reasons for this is the opportunity to buy vape-liquid cheap. Such opportunity is sure with those who buy vape juice online. They can surely find the best vape offers in the web and place orders, getting advantageous discounts and prices.

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