The way to determine premium fruit juice brands

With the transition to e-liquid flavors, there are many questions related to the operation of the device’s vaping. Yes, we agree, vaping is much more difficult than simply smoking a regular cigarette. Any vaper needs a constant replenishment of consumables, namely of e-liquid brands.
With a huge selection of refilling, it is very difficult for a beginner to determine the ideal option of cheap premium vape juice. Refillings to taste can be divided into the following categories:

Tobacco with e-liquid nicotine,

premium fruit juice brands: fruit and berry

dessert, menthol.

For those who switch from conventional cigarettes, we recommend starting with tobacco flavors in different variations. It can be tobacco with the addition of fruit and dessert flavors. Then everything depends on the individual preferences of the buyer.
The next very important matter is the nicotine content in the refillings, which are poured into the atomizer of the vape. Therefore, we will try to figure out how to correctly calculate the strength of liquid for e-cigarettes.
We want to immediately warn that we do not recommend non-smokers who decided to purchase an e-cigarette, to vape vape juice flavors with nicotine. There are the so-called “zero” vape juice brands without nicotine specifically for them.

For those ones who want to stop smoking with the help of switching to vape, it’s very easy to calculate the strength of the liquid. First of all, it is worth to start with the number of cigarettes a smoker smokes per day, and their fortresses.
For example, take the average nicotine content of 0.6 mg. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, which contains twenty pieces, then the amount of nicotine consumed will be 12 mg (0.6×20 = 12). It is on this figure and you need to navigate when choosing a refilling – that is, the recommended liquid will be with a nicotine content of a maximum of 12 mg / ml.