Vape Direct or Indirect Inhalation: Which e-cigarette to choose?

When you start using an electronic cigarette, you gradually discover new terms. This is particularly the case with vaping, drip-tip or the famous DL and MTL. Direct inhalation or indirect inhalation: these two abbreviations are still unknown, even to regulars. Knowing the different types of vapes allows you to choose your electronic cigarette well, so let’s take stock of it

What do DL and MTL mean?

These two words refer to the method of inhaling the vapour produced by the e-cigarette:

  • DL or “Direct Lung” indicates direct inhalation
  • MTL or “Mouth to Lung” indicates indirect inhalation

In general, smokers are only familiar with the indirect inhaling type of vaping. So even for them, the DL is a novelty. Conversely, hookah or shisha smokers only know the type of vape in direct inhaling. So in their case, it’s the MTL that you have to discover. And for beginners with the electronic cigarette, everything is to be revealed. After reading this vaper tutorial, choosing your type of vape has never been easier! Vape with a tight draw or powerful clearomiser with big vapour, the vape will have no more secrets for you ;). The airflow has a crucial role in the feeling of the vape. Want to know what the airflow is for? We tell you everything!

What is indirect inhalation?

This is the same technique used by smokers. This consists of sucking in the vapour and holding it in the mouth before sending it into the lungs. This is why we have the expression “Mouth to Lung”, which means “mouth to the lungs”. In theory, it sounds simple, but in reality, this mode of suction for vapers is a little more complex. However, it is the rather restricted airflow offered by the cigarette and certain models of e-cigarettes that impose it.

What is direct inhalation?

Direct inhalation involves drawing in the vapour and delivering it directly to the lungs. This technique is rarely used by smokers but is the one adopted by hookah smokers. Again, it is a bit imposed, because a large amount of vapour produced does not allow the vaper to keep it in the mouth or to dig in the cheeks to suck it. Result: it is sent directly to the lungs.

The mouthpiece or drip tip:

Narrow, the vape drip tip is ideal for indirect inhaling. Large, a vaper drip tip will then be suitable for direct inhalation.

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that with a direct draw, you are choosing a larger vapour production, with a less pronounced flavour. The indirect draw, meanwhile, offers a hit and a more sustained flavour.

The e-liquid:

And yes! The choice of e-liquid is also important when choosing your electronic cigarette. A direct inhale vape kit will not need the same type of liquid as an indirect inhale vape kit. To find out more, we invite you to read our article on choosing your liquid according to your electronic cigarette.