Do It Yourself or more commonly known as DIY attracts more and more people, even in the world of vaping. We can say that DIY in terms of e-liquid is becoming more and more important given all the profits that can be made from it. Besides, how to describe an e-liquid? It is a question of a very simple mixture based on vegetable glycerin, with propylene glycol, some flavours and droplets of nicotine or nicotine salt, with more additives… all this merged in a bottle.

If you choose to make your e-liquid yourself, you will have the advantage of adapting its fragrance and aroma, so you can save money. Know that to do so, you would need a nicotine booster calculator. This will help you to make a good dosage of your various flavours as well as the nicotine that constitutes your liquid.

Create your own e-liquid for your electronic cigarette: everything you need to know

The term DIY literally means: do it yourself. This makes it possible to create personalized things on your own. How to make your DIY e-liquid?

In general, the goal of DIY is to reduce the expense of doing things by yourself. This is a useful way for people who want to have personified items without wasting money. It is also a good investment for vapers if you think about it. For individual vapers, the best option would be for them to make their e-liquid, as this would be more economical for them.

It should be noted that the e-liquid is “the” liquid that is put in the electronic cigarette to satisfy the pleasure of the vaper. It is indeed a mixture which is composed of a liquid with the following ingredients: propylene glycol, which aims to enhance the aroma, and vegetable glycerin, responsible for the emission of steam. Regarding the aromas and flavours, following the preparation of the bases, it is only there that they are chosen. There are several derivatives of aromas and scents there the banana scent, strawberry scent, cotton candy scent, and even tobacco scent… there is also a way to insert supplements. Indeed, the latter gives the possibility of transforming or adapting the dosage according to your tastes and your needs. They simultaneously bring an amazing cool feeling to e-cigarettes, thereby, this brings out the flavour of the cigarette. Supplements can be sweet, minty, or tangy.

Make your own DIY e-liquid mix:

The fact of designing and making your e-liquid yourself, allows you to provide a variety of flavours according to your desires and desires. Be aware that mixing different scents is possible, but if you are just a beginner, it is best to first make e-liquids with a single scent. Adopting for 

DIY e-liquid turns out to be economical, since indeed, statistically, the income is less than one euro for a dose of 10 ml. Also, the DIY e-liquid gives those who use it the satisfaction of having been able to be the author of the realization of their e-liquid.

Tips for a good realization of a DIY e-liquid

To create an e-liquid or liquid for electronic cigarettes, it is not necessary to be experienced. It’s a fairly simple process, not too hard to achieve if the necessary accessories are present. It is only useful to have the basic components, accompanied by the appropriate equipment.

Everything you need to make a DIY e-liquid

First, it is essential to protect yourself well before any attempt to create and make your DIY e-liquid. Also, any contact with nicotine is strictly prohibited. Therefore, here are the necessary and effective utensils for the realization of your own e-liquid:

  • Vials for storing compositions
  • Filling syringes of 5 or 10ml to incorporate basic liquids
  • A graduated dropper of 2 ml for concentrated perfumes and aromas.
  • A pair of latex gloves
  • A pair of goggles to prevent the eyes from being affected by probable nicotine ejections
  • Labels to mark the preparations in each bottle

The different stages for the design of DIY e-liquid

To start well, it is important to have a good base. It can be vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. These two components are assimilable and can therefore be mixed without problem. The best would be to bring a ready-to-use composition. Thereafter, you must have a nicotine booster to add nicotine to the electronic cigarette. And aromas and scents should not be neglected, because they play a very important role in the personalization of the e-liquid.

So, for the composition of your electronic cigarette liquid, you must transfer the nicotine and the flavours into a vial, then impregnate the vial with the base (either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, or both). It is also likely to add a few droplets of supplements into this mix. 

To conclude the preparation, all that remains is to let the e-liquid rest for a period determined according to the flavour chosen. This is called: “steep”, that is to say, the maturation time of the electronic liquid. For fruity flavors, it lasts about a few days, for a tobacco or gourmet scent, it can take several weeks, or even about 2 weeks.

Therefore, making your liquid with concentrated scents is a completely reliable and effective alternative, since there is a way to personify your electronic liquid and also save money. It’s a great way to save while having an e-liquid that caters to its designer’s well-being.