VaporFi Rebel II – the very device

VaporFi Rebel II - the very device

E-cigarette industry has undergone an enormous modification lately. For several years, the ProVari was the only device one could ever use that didn’t have a noticeable decline in vapor generation when the battery was mostly expired.

Then appeared such e-cig as the SMOK BEC Pro. It is a device that promoted even performance from the beginning to the end of the battery’s life. However, it had serious drawbacks in its Bluetooth technology. The VaporFi Rebel II is the third generation device that shows no discernible decrease in vapor production as the battery is drained — that is something that greatly impresses every experienced smoker.

The build quality of the Rebel II is excellent. The device consists of two moving parts: a telescoping middle section and a bottom cap. Both parts are well machined, have lubricated threads and spin freely without squeaking or scraping. Unlike the ProVari — which requires an adapter for eGo attachments — the Rebel II supports both 510 and eGo attachments out of the box. The controls are simple- using two side buttons for voltage and wattage adjustments and a large center fire button. Holding the side buttons at the same time switches between the voltage and wattage adjustment modes. The fire button is lit, turning red when the battery is low on power.

So, studying the functions of Rebel II versus the ProVari, we realize that the Rebel II has a slightly shorter automatic cutoff, forcing your maximum time per puff to be a few seconds shorter. In practice, however, we found that the puffs weren’t stopped frequently enough to this matter. At a given voltage or wattage setting, we can claim that the Rebel II and ProVari P3 generate the same vapor amount.