What are the watts in the electronic cigarette for?

Have you ever wondered what Watts is used for in electronic cigarettes?

Why is it necessary to change that small number followed by the “W” that usually occupies most of the screens in your boxes? What’s the difference between 20W and 60W? Well, the difference is huge and, today, we’re going to see why.

Let’s go in order, the atomizers can be divided into two large families:  the cheek ones and the lung ones, already between these two types we can immediately see a big difference:

Cheek shot:  It uses coils that require a power of around 15W;

Lung shooting:  It uses resistors that need a much higher wattage which generally is around 80W.

Why this difference?

Generally, the power of the “Ohms” is the resistive value of the coil, but be careful not to be fooled, the necessary power increases, in fact, as the Ohms decrease.

To avoid errors, the manufacturers provide us with clear indications on the use of the resistors and the regulation of the power, writing on the packages and even on the coils themselves the best range to keep the resistors in order not to damage them.

A correct setting of the watts affects not only the aromatic yield of our device but also the duration of the resistances, yes, because not respecting the recommended setting can cause two diametrically opposite problems:

  • An output power greater than that suggested would lead to too rapid consumption of liquid which would not allow the cotton to reabsorb more in time for the next shot, thus causing the combustion of the cotton itself which in addition to being an extremely unpleasant experience, it would also lead to premature degradation of the resistance, thus making it unusable. It would also be an unnecessary waste of battery since higher power also means higher energy consumption.
  • The “over-feeding” of the coil, on the other hand, involves a quantity of e-liquid greater than necessary inside the resistance and consequently the risk of a leak from the air holes as well as the possibility that a few drops of heated liquid reach the mouth.
  • It is therefore extremely important to follow all these precautions to better adjust your electronic cigarette and to have the best vaping experience.