Before embarking on the adventure of the vape you want to know what you are going to inhale and whether it is completely legitimate. For you to feel confident with the practice of vaping, we suggest that you take a look at the ingredients of e-liquids that will help you quit smoking. The variety of e-liquids on offer is vast: different flavours, different capacities, and different nicotine levels. And yet they all have more or less the same composition.

The base of everything is the base!

The composition of an e-liquid is based on a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, two ingredients that contribute to producing flavours and vapour together. Their proportion varies according to the e-liquids. It is also specified on each bottle by two numbers always indicated in the same order: a liquid in PG/VG of 70/30 means that the base of the e-liquid is composed of 70% Propylene Glycol and 30% Vegetable Glycerin. A PG/VG of 50/50, therefore, means that the two ingredients are mixed in equal parts!

So you wonder why the rate of PG and VG can vary from one e-liquid to another. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin have very distinct roles in the composition of e-liquid. Propylene glycol is a thin liquid that is a flavour enhancer. It is thanks to him that the flavours and the nicotine will be able to express themselves fully. Vegetable glycerin is a thicker substance whose main function is to produce vapour.  

You have therefore understood, that varying the proportion of PG / VG in the composition of e-liquids allows you to vary the effects to satisfy all desires: 

  • an e-liquid richer in PG (70/30) will favour the rendering of aromas.
  • an e-liquid balanced in PG/VG (50/50) offers a good compromise between flavour rendering and vapour production
  • an e-liquid richer in VG (30/70) favours the production of vapour and softens the flavours and the hit in the throat.

Aromas, a matter of taste!

The PG/VG base is ready to receive the most decisive ingredient in your choice of an e-liquid: the aromas. Of natural or synthetic origin, food flavouring reproduces simple or complex flavours likely to satisfy or titillate your taste buds. 

It is thanks to these 10-15% of aromas that you can choose between the flavours of a classic blond or brown, or that more original of a gourmet, fruity or minty e-liquid. All tastes are in nature… and in e-liquids!

Nicotine, a little, a lot… or not at all!

An optional ingredient of e-liquid, nicotine is not essential but highly recommended for those who want a smooth smoking cessation. The manufacturers of e-liquids, therefore, offer different levels of nicotine so that everyone can find the dosage that will correspond to their tobacco consumption and their nicotine dependence.

Contrary to some popular belief, nicotine is not dangerous to health if the usual precautions are taken in its consumption and handling*. We can blame him for being addictive, of course! But at the right dose, it helps to overcome the withdrawal effect. You will free yourself more easily from this addiction by gradually lowering the nicotine dosage of your e-liquid until you no longer need it. 

A heavy smoker will have every interest in choosing a high nicotine level between 12 and 18 mg/ml while an occasional smoker can be satisfied with an intermediate rate of 3 to 6 mg/ml.

*Warning: Nicotine is hazardous if ingested or in prolonged skin contact when highly concentrated.

Optional additives to support the aromas

Sometimes the recipe for an e-liquid requires the addition of a tiny quantity of an additive to complete the flavours of the e-liquid. Do you like fruity aromas but also appreciate the feeling of freshness? The manufacturer will add a little koolada in his recipe for a fresh effect without mint taste. Do you like candy-flavoured e-liquids? Thank the Sweetener who made it possible to give a sweet candy taste to your favourite e-liquid. 

Used wisely and sparingly, these additives can simply sublimate an e-liquid recipe and appeal to your taste buds!