When Should You Recharge Your Electronic Cigarette?

When you switch from the traditional cigarette to the electronic cigarette, many changes occur naturally, including having to recharge your electronic cigarette as you do for your mobile phone or tablet. When and how to recharge your electronic cigarette? Answer in this guide.

Most current e-cigarettes have a battery level indicator. This witness is present in different forms. On some vapers, LEDs indicate the level of remaining autonomy. This is the case for example of the CALIPSO electronic cigarette which has 5 LEDs. These LEDs show you the remaining battery level on your electronic cigarette. When only one LED remains lit, it is time to recharge the battery.

The LEDs located below the switch allow you to view the remaining battery life:

  • 5 LEDs on => 80 to 100%
  • 4 LEDs on => 60 to 80%
  • 3 LEDs on => 40 to 60%
  • 2 LEDs on => 20 to 40%
  • 1 LED on => 0 to 20%

On other models, it’s a coloured LED that tells you the remaining battery level, depending on the colour of the LED. We find this device on the electronic cigarette SWAVE which has an LED at the bottom of the battery.

The LED located at the bottom of the SWAVE allows you to view the remaining battery life of your SWAVE:

  • Green LED => 60 to 100%
  • Orange LED => 30 to 60%
  • Blue LED => 10 to 30%
  • Red LED => 0 to 10%

The indicator light may be on other parts of the electronic cigarette. The indicator light is directly integrated into the contactor. When you press the switch to vape, the indicator light allows you to view the remaining battery life according to its colour.

  The indicator light located around the switch allows you to view the remaining battery life of your LOUNGE PRO:

  • Green => 60 to 100%
  • Blue => 20 to 60%
  • Red => 0 to 20%

Finally, on models with a screen, the battery life is generally indicated with a charge indicator. This can be a charge indicator with several charge levels or even a percentage of remaining battery life, as is the case with the electronic cigarette whose screen allows you to easily view the battery level.

To recharge your electronic cigarette, use the cable provided in the electronic cigarette kit. Connect the cable to the micro-USB port of your electronic cigarette and the USB port of your computer. Be sure to insert the correct side of the cable and do not force it so as not to damage the electronic cigarette. Note that an electronic cigarette battery has a lifespan of approximately 350 charge cycles. Beyond that, performance and battery life will gradually decrease.

If you wish to use a mains charger to charge your electronic cigarette, please check the maximum charge authorized by your electronic cigarette on the instructions provided and the type of your mains charger. If your electronic cigarette supports a maximum charge of 1 Ampere, the amperage of your charger sector must not exceed 1 Ampere. By using a mains charger whose charge is greater than that supported by the electronic cigarette, you risk damaging the battery or even rendering it unusable. In this case, it is not possible to operate the product warranty.