Apart from the battery, the performance of an electronic cigarette also relies on resistance. However, you should know that this accessory has an end of life that you cannot ignore. You must then be prepared to replace the resistance as you use your e-cigarette. You will have more details regarding the replacement of this element by following this guide until the end.

Reminder on the operation of the resistance on an electronic cigarette

It is easier to replace the resistance of an electronic cigarette when you understand how it works. To begin with, it is equipped with two elements starting with the resistive wire which is used to control the heating temperature of the equipment. This wire can be stainless steel or kanthal as well as nichrome depending on your e-cigarette. The second element is the fibre roving which can be made with organic cotton or silica fibre. The contact of these wires with the e-liquid promotes vaporization thanks to the voltage sent by the battery. The vapour in question is directed towards the mouth following the drip tip.

On the other hand, you should know that several resistor formats are available in today’s market. You could make big vapors or insist on flavor depending on the coil model you choose. 

You will also have the choice between a hot or cold vape. Thus, we can say that the sensations produced by an electric cigarette depend on the resistance you choose. Being widely used on an e-cigarette, you must be prepared to replace this accessory from time to time. In this way, you will benefit from a better rendering each time you use your electronic cigarette.

When should you replace the resistance of your e-cigarette?

Note that the life of a resistor may depend on the conditions of use. Indeed, you are not obliged to replace the accessory every 2 weeks. More specifically, this duration can be extended if you opt for less aggressive e-liquids. But, you could also come across ceramic or mesh resistors which are known for their robustness as well as the lifespan they can offer. In any case, it is impossible to come across a resistor with an unlimited lifespan.

Take note of the fact that the resistive wire as well as the fiber wick are the most stressed elements on a resistance. This automatically implies that these parts may deteriorate faster than others. The deterioration of these elements is easy to know since the electronic cigarette will no longer produce the same flavor or the same amount of vapor as in the past.

On the other hand, you should consider replacing the coil when the cotton reaches its limits. This usually doesn’t translate to the shape of the accessory changing as you vape. Some vapers may forget to check the presence of e-liquid in the tank while using the electronic cigarette. In this kind of situation, the cotton will end up dry heated and end up giving off a burnt taste that you will not appreciate. Adding e-liquid inside the tank in this kind of situation will not solve the problem. It can even promote the appearance of a charred tint which can be disturbing.

Other signs that may encourage you to replace the resistance of your e-cigarette

You should consider changing the coil of your e-cigarette when any of the following occurs while vaping. Thus, you should not limit yourself to changing the taste and aroma of the liquid to think about replacing the resistance. We can cite in the first place a sudden change in the value of the resistance. This is valid whether the value increases or decreases without your intervention. A leak at the level of the clearomiser should also put you on the alert. This is often caused by the deterioration of the cotton’s strength. Therefore, the e-liquid can leak out easily. As a result, you will have to replace the resistance of your e-cigarette.

How to correctly replace the resistance of an electronic cigarette?

Since the resistance is part of the clearomizer, you should know the style of this denier. In addition, this accessory is easy to discuss regardless of the model and brand you choose. You will have direct access to the inside of the atomization chamber as well as the wick as soon as you unscrew the clearomizer. Just take the necessary precautions such as using a paper towel before opening this accessory.

Once opened, you will only have to remove the old resistance. Also take the time to clean only the base of the latter before inserting the new wick. Don’t forget to soak it well before putting the clearomiser back in its place. All that remains is to fill the tank with e-liquid. It won’t take much time even for an e-cigarette newbie.

Ensuring the priming of your resistance

No matter which model you have, the resistance of an electronic cigarette uses fibre to absorb e-liquid. The contact between the two products also depends on the resistive wire which must be permanently soaked in liquid. In this way, you will not experience the slightest discomfort each time you use your e-cigarette, such as the burning taste.

It is recommended to place drops of e-liquid on the cotton before placing the new resistance. Thus, the drops are to be put even on the visible parts.

Also remember to leave the resistance at rest after installing it in the tank. The latter is to be filled with the amount of e-liquid you intend to use. This allows the fiber to incorporate the amount of e-liquid needed before using the electric cigarette. If necessary, do not hesitate to inhale several times at the drip tip. You will speed up the process of incorporating e-liquid by doing this. However, be careful to deactivate the e-cigarette before doing this to avoid burning yourself.

Another easy and very effective priming method is to vape on low power. Gradually increase the power you need while taking into account the rendering you need.