where to get 5 juul pods uk

where to get 5 juul pods ukBefore we say where to get 5 Juul pods UK kits, we will together recall something about Juul.

A Juul was created specifically as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes. Lightweight 40 g cases and automatic tightening are convenient for the smoker: you can keep the device like a regular cigarette.

To make vapor look as similar as possible to smoking, Juul is filled with self-developed salt nicotine. This is medical nicotine with additives that give it a greater effect on the throat. Pods are filled with liquid e-cigarettes with 5% nicotine. It is like a fortress of 59 mg / milliliter. A man accustomed to tobacco will need 3-5 puffs at a time.

Juul pods are filled with a mixture of propylene glycol and flavors. There is nothing to smoke and burn: propylene glycol simply evaporates when heated, turning into steam. Therefore, there is no burning taste with acidic sediment in the mouth. Instead, there are some nice scents:

Tobacco is a pure tobacco blend. It feels like a blend of golden tobacco with bitterness and a dark, slightly sweetish leaf. Ideal for the first days after smoking.

Over time, new tastes will appear and you have to know where to get 5 Juul pods. One POD can float for two days or 200 puffs. If you want, you can fill and other liquid on salt nicotine.

Juul more comfortable smoking

Juul delivers nicotine through vapor, and it dissipates in a few minutes. Finally, you always control how many puffs you take – you can simply put the device in your pocket.

Juul will be more convenient:

No leaks or refueling. Pods are sealed and filled with delicious juice. Simply insert the POD into the electronic module and enjoy.

There is condensation protection. A cotton spacer delays excess vapor, does not allow drops to fly out and collect on the mouthpiece.

Juul is profitable if you know where to get 5 Juul pods uk.

Especially for the UK, our company reduced the prices. Consumables also come at a reduced price. You can buy the Juul and pods from our webshop with delivery.

Payment terms are especially flexible for UK customers.