Which electronic cigarette for CBD?

Now essential in the vape market, CBD is everywhere. Vaping CBD e-liquids nevertheless raises many questions: what material to use for this type of e-liquid? Are there any special precautions to take?

Which electronic cigarette for CBD? To find out more, read our article!

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid derivative found in cannabis flowers ( cannabis Sativa ). Used in the medical and well-being fields, it would promote sleep and relaxation without psychotropic effects or addiction.

Available in cosmetics, food supplements, the culinary industry or even e-liquids, CBD has become common in many areas of use.

In e-liquids, CBD is used as a “CBD Booster” instead of nicotine. A CBD e-liquid is therefore composed, like a classic e-liquid, of a base and aromas in addition to a defined quantity of CBD.

It’s up to you to define your use and consumption according to the concentration of CBD in your electronic cigarette liquid  :

The CBD dosage can be expressed in two ways, in mg/ml or mg. In this case, 10 mg/ml is considered equivalent to a 100 mg strength.

  • Less than 10 mg/ml (100 mg): this light dosage with limited effects allows a vape throughout the day.
  • Between 10 mg/ml and 30 mg/ml (up to 300 mg): the e-liquid is consumed over ten-minute sessions with moderate effects.
  • Above 30 mg/ml (above 300 mg): this high concentration, with much more present effects, is to be preferred over short sessions.

What vape material for CBD?

To make the right choice of material, you should ask yourself what are the particularities of CBD e-liquids? A CBD E-Liquid generally has a thicker and viscous texture, hence the need to select a suitable material.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be powerful and expensive. A low-power electronic cigarette (less than 20W) is indeed quite sufficient to vape a CBD e-liquid.

Cannabidiol being a fragile molecule, it is in any case not recommended to vape at high power. In addition, a low-power e-cigarette allows the e-liquid to last, which promotes savings. Finally, this type of e-liquid generates very pronounced flavours: there is, therefore, no need to vape them with an intensity of more than 20 Watts. On the resistance side, opt for models above 1 ohm for a tighter draw.

How to maintain your CBD equipment?

Now that you know what equipment you are going to use, what about its maintenance? Considering the particular consistency of CBD E Liquids, we advise you to reserve a Clearomiser for this use. For convenience, you can also use a Pod that has a disposable and reusable reservoir.

In addition, it is not always easy to clean your equipment after use. If you’re looking for cleaning tips, know that white vinegar, with a little baking soda, should get rid of the most stubborn deposits.

What to avoid when vaping CBD

Last advice before you start: the vaping of e-liquids with CBD is done in indirect inhalation 

Flee from “expert” type electronic cigarette models, direct inhaling vape, mixtures with nicotine and large clouds of vapour.

Finally, even if there is currently no regulation on the subject, it is better to avoid consuming CBD e-liquids before driving!