A Mix n’Vape e-liquid is based on a simple and very interesting principle for buying cheap e-liquid in bulk. You take a bottle of non-nicotine e-liquid, add nicotine boosters with variable dosages, shake everything well (the mix ) and you can start vaping (the vape). The advantage of the mix and vape e-liquid is that you have the possibility of managing and calculating the nicotine dose for your e-cigarette of your e-liquid instead of being satisfied with the doses already offered on the market of the vape. At the very least, this is the case with the 10ml nicotine bottles which also have comfort advantages, but are dosed generically without taking into account the best nicotine strength you need.

Buying a mix n vape e-liquid allows you to better manage your nicotine level. Anyway, it is always advisable not to exceed 20 mg/ml in your cheap electronic cigarette liquid. You have available in the trade, two variations of mix & vape:

- E-liquid mix and vape long fill: it is a bottle of more than 60ml where it is possible to add more than one 10ml booster of nicotine or base. You can find them in capacity sizes up to 70ml and some brands offer 100ml bottles. Each time, the actual capacity of e-liquid is less than the capacity of the bottle. But there is enough room to mix your boosters directly in the bottle provided.

- E-liquid mix n’vape shortfall: the short fill format is already much more common than the long fill. Here it is only possible to add one 10ml nicotine or base booster. The bottles can contain up to 60ml and it is, therefore, possible to mix your cheap 50ml e-liquid up to 3mg/ml (with 1 booster) as much as possible in the same container.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that ZHC stands for zero high concentration. To put it simply, it is a method of overdosing on aromas. Most of the cheap 100ml and 50ml mix n vape e-liquid ranges are overdosed in flavours to allow mixing with a base or nicotine. When the mixture is effective, a dilution of the aromas makes it possible to preserve the intensity of the original flavour and to keep an optimal vaping experience. Buying a mix n vape e-liquid without diluting it risks being strong in taste, even disgusting if you prefer subtle flavours. Be aware that there are e-liquids not overdosed in aroma: often called large format e-liquid short. The manufacturer can then provide a flavoured booster so as not to dilute the flavours of your large format e-liquid.

How to make your mixture to vape mix n vape? 

To prepare Mix n Vape e-liquid, you have two techniques to choose from:

The first is with e-liquids boosted in aromas via the addition of boosters: with this method, the base chosen is very concentrated in aromas (the famous ZHC which we have just mentioned). This keeps the desired flavour when you dilute boosters in it. However, it is still advisable to limit yourself to a few boosters, because the more you add, the more the e-liquid will be diluted and the flavours less pronounced. In addition, too many boosters equal a higher nicotine dosage for electronic cigarettes. It is, therefore, more than advisable to do the calculation well to avoid an overdose or underdose. Do not hesitate to consult a nicotine dosage table or an e-liquid dosage table. 

Which large format e-liquid to buy?

Buying a large-format e-liquid can be very interesting in terms of the quantity-price ratio. The large format is also an expression used to designate the Mix’n’Vape, whether short fill or long fill. Large format e-liquids will also be characterized by large quantity bottles beyond 30ml. There are large-format e-liquids without nicotine 100ml, 200ml and even ranges that reach the litre. In all three cases, their basic principle comes together. Namely, a liquid ready to boost in a large bottle + booster.

Which mix n vape or large format e-liquid to buy?

Their main advantage is the savings they allow. If you mix a 50 ml bottle of liquid with a 10 ml booster, you get a total of 60 ml of liquid ready to vape. The 50ml bottle of liquid costs around 18 euros while the booster costs around 2 euros. For 20 euros, you get a 60ml e-liquid, the equivalent of six 10ml bottles. If you purchased six bottles separately, the price would have been much more expensive since a 10 ml bottle costs around 5.90 euros. In other words, the six bottles would have cost you 35.40 euros against 20 euros with the Mix’n’Vape. With the latter, you save 15.40 euros. And if your budget is tight, maybe it’s time to consider DIY?

And apart from the price, mix and vape e-liquids also allow you to customize the flavour and the nicotine dosage according to your real needs. To sum up, the mix n vape format is more comfortable and will provide the consumer with a quick and easy way to dose nicotine. The DIY will offer further customization in terms of dosage and calculation for a unique e-liquid to your taste and cheap. As for the large format in general, it is an interesting financial solution for its quantity and price ratio.

It all depends on your desires, the time you want to devote to your liquids and the budget you allow yourself.